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Business Law and Civil Litigation

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 Business Litigation

The Daniels Legal Group is willing to provide legal assistance in B2C and B2B interaction. Our skilled attorneys will assist in resolving disputes arising out of business and commercial related transactions of a non-criminal nature. 

Business Reorganization

Whether it is financial duress, a government order, or to change your business strategy, our experienced team at the Daniels Legal Group will assist in creating a business plan to alter your corporation's structure or finances. 

Business Start-Up / Closely Held  Business

Looking to start a business and need legal assistance? Or do you need our team act as a legal, micro-manager for your business? Contact us and let us know about how you want utilize our expertise. 

Joint Venture / Mergers & Acquisitions

Are there several businesses included in your specific situation?  Are you looking to seek legal assistance for merging two companies, or are you planning to fully acquire a certain company?  The Daniels Legal Group will provide valuable legal assistance in any business endeavor you decide to do!

Small Business Law

There is a lot of false knowledge and uncertainty out when it comes to small businesses. Allow the Daniels Legal Group to be the legal presence in your group and take your business to the next level.

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